Handy Resources To Save Money Online

Handy Resources to Save Money Online

Check out some of these handy resources which really will help you to save money online. Money is in short supply so hang on to it for as long as you can!

The video is proof that there are lots of bargains to be had out there, and consignment shopping is a great way to save money.

Here are a few more great places for you to check out.

Cost Coach is full of money saving ideas (with a bad attitude!)

Consumer Reports are a great way of finding out the best products to spend your hard earned cash on, and which are simply not worth the money!

My Savings has lots of information about online money saving coupons and lots more.

GoToDaily is another great website full of coupons, offers and information on how to save money online.

Ookongis an add-on for Firefox which helps you to find the best deals at Amazon so you always buy at the right time saving money.

ValPak coupons (the ones we used to get in the mail) are now available online too.

CouponMeUp has thousands of coupons available from online retailers and websites.

CouponMountain is another good source of info on coupons.

JumponDeals is yet another!

A penny saved is a penny earned, and here are plenty of ways for you to save your hard earned pennies!

How To Find Free Stuff Online

How to Find Free Stuff Online

It is pretty easy to find loads of free stuff online, if you just know where to look. The thing is, money is tight these days for everybody (well, most normal people anyway), add to that the fact that the earth is running out of resources and we are all being reminded to re-use and recycle at every opportunity, and what better way to recycle than to give away your old stuff which is cluttering up your home, and might be exactly what a neighbor has been looking for. There are also plenty of websites springing up which put people together who want to make “swaps”. It’s all for free and what a fantastic idea.

Check out some of these places:

  • If you want to find out about items being given away by people in your town, then why not try Freecycle, a non profit group which helps you to find out what’s been given away by the people in your area. You never know, there might just be that item you’ve been looking for, absolutely free.
  • There’s also a whole category of free items listed inCraigslist, you can find everything from packing boxes to a flat screen TV or a bird cage, and that’s just in the San Diego area!
  • If you want to go traveling but fancy a free place to stay, take a look at Couchsurfing, it’s alright, you won’t necessarily be staying on a couch, but you can be linked up with people and places to stay in 230 different countries around the world, all for free.
  • What about if you need stuff doing around the house, but can’t really afford to pay full tradesmen prices. Well, if you just look atFavorpals it’s a great way of connecting people who can trade off their skills, how about swapping a spot of painting for running up a new pair of drapes – that kind of thing.
  • As I said earlier, swapping is another great way of getting stuff for free and also getting rid of something that’s been hanging around for years without being used. Try Swaptree to exchange books, dvds, videos etc, (we all fancy a change every now and then, right?), or Swapstyle for clothes and accessories, and for kids stuff, well, they’re always growing out of things aren’t they, why not look at Kizoodle or Tots Swap Shop. Now don’t go getting excited, you’re not allowed to swap your tots, only their stuff!
  • Then of course, there are other sites which are just dedicated to helping you find freebies and giveaways. Check out Free Stuff Channel, or Start Sampling and you might be amazed at the stuff they’re giving away for free.